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Top 9 Factors International Students Consider when Choosing to Study Abroad.

There are 9 factors that are considered by international students when they plan to do their higher studies abroad.

We can find international students in each and every corner of different universities located in different countries, especially in Countries like US, Australia, UK, Canada, China, Japan, India and Germany that offer wide variety of courses in both undergraduate and graduate level every year. We are unaware of the thoughts going on in the minds of international students who look forward to study and live abroad.

The comprehensive guide which we explain below will give one the entire idea of the factors that international students take into account for studying in a public or private university or college abroad before leaving their home country.

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1. University reputation

Many international students always look forward to pursue their higher studies in prestigious universities abroad every year. Students always face fierce competition due to lower acceptance rate by few educational institutions located abroad and they consider excellent academic background and high quality education in graduation as the factors behind this stand adopted by universities. Apart from this the reputation of universities often lies in different factors such as world university rankings, the location of university, the research and initiatives undertaken by the universities to benefit the local communities.


2. University tuition fees

The university fees play an important part role in the selection of universities by international students where the fees charged by few universities are relatively high as compared to others where it becomes unaffordable even for wealthy families. As a result many initiatives and financial aids are provided by international universities in the form of scholarships and tuition waivers to help the international students to study abroad


3. Safety

There are few factors such as crime rates or public safety indicators considered in terms of safety by international students when they look ahead to study abroad as no students want to be a victim of third parties criminal actions. Parents are often concerned on the safety of their children when they decide to pursue higher studies in other countries as they fear the children getting into serious risk by themselves in places where the occurrence of criminal actions are common and they doubt on whether the university, police or community will take necessary action when needed in order to prevent the criminal acts.


4. Diversity

The number of international students in the university chosen by them or the percentage of international students in the university they choose are the two main questions asked by the international students to their student advisors or are the ones that they check on the universities website. The international students often find themselves welcomed when they get to know there are many international students like them who have invested their time, money and energy to study in universities of other countries by leaving their family and comforts of the home behind willing to take higher risks to begin a new life abroad.


5. Job opportunities while studying

International students who on reaching their country of study look forward to work in flexible shifts to cover their tution fees, living expenses and other costs by working in flexible shifts along with their studies. Apart from this there are many students who work to gain practical experience in their subject of interest along with their studies.

There is greater preference for international students abroad as they are encouraged to work along with their studies due to various benefits awaiting them there apart from the economic ones.


6. Language barriers

Many international students often face language barriers on crossing their nations borders to study in foreign institutions abroad of their choice. Students can overcome these language barriers by interacting with their students and teachers, by involving themselves in different projects and by overall in class participation. Thus the international students will get a chance to get higher grades and get involved with the local community and speakers present there further getting a chance to improve their language skills.


7. Networking

The international students always look forward to interact in the social events conducted by universities as they will get a chance to meet people from all over the world thus expanding their network of people they will get to know there. Apart this by taking part in social events the students will chance to build strong bond with people of similar experiences and with those who don’t have similar experiences thus expanding their horizons.

8. Student life and environment

One of the major factors considered by international students looking to pursue courses abroad is student life. International students consider their student life as a great time to interact and get along with other students, participate in athletic groups and teams and other groups like student government councils, student university advocates. Moreover they look forward to enjoy each and every aspect of student life by proving one’s ability and contributing to their best in development of their groups and teams.


9. Exposure

Apart from academics, students need time for international exposure and time to interact with their peers, attend gatherings, enjoy the beauty of nearby cities by travelling there by means of public transport, Trains or by a rented car. Moreover it make the international students feel relaxed on spending their time with friends and by practicing the activities of their choice thus finding it as a time to escape from their daily homework’s or projects.

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