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What all are the scholarships available for an international student?

There are many scholarship search tools like to find out about scholarships awarded by colleges and universities. Apart from all these, you can always rely on your student counselor for the same.


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Study Abroad Scholarships!

All you need to know on it.

Are you wilful in knowing on the methods you can actually get a scholarship to study abroad? We are here to offer you great help with this. Here is our comprehensive guide that covers all the details related to the types of international scholarships and the different tips to apply for one in the row. You can look into the eligibility criteria in detail as well.


What you should know on the scholarships?

1.Scholarships for international students and the possibilities.

Many of our students dream and aspire of the numerous possibilities an international student can get with the study abroad opportunity. Its true that we get to explore a new place, get in touch with a scenic beauty and hold a thing, especially international exposure to culture as a tip for life. The network, clearly, social network we create is going to be a lifetime lesson for us to stay connected to the world and know on the chances to improve and excel in our personal and professional lives. Its of no doubt that, there are more effective benefits with an international education but most of the students get intimidated in thinking of the budget and investment they need to put to reach there.


Sadly, there are students, considerably a large crowd who make it to believe that its still impossible to attain this education on a budget reachable for them and they are totally unaware of the methods need to be taken care of in applying to the universities of a different nation. The good news is that there are plenty of study abroad scholarships for international students who are interested in pursuing a course or a degree abroad. These opportunities can range from funds to cover your flight  to scholarships that allow you to study abroad for free.


Universities do provide scholarship options for students and there are even better chances given by different organizations outside the campus which facilitate students to study abroad in a comfortable and affordable manner. Its done to promote international relations and keep in warmth the global connections. The most significant part of this is to figure out which is the scholarship that actually matches to your profile and know where to apply for it. Once you are thorough with this part, you can easily decide on where to start your education and where to take your future flight.


So, if you are looking to cover your expenses for a semester or a program, you may get in touch and depth of our comprehensive guide.

Here are all you need to know.


2 .The cost of studying abroad. All you need to know on the expenses of this!


The cost of having your international education can differ a lot in considering the length of your program to the expenses you have there to the city you live. Naturally, full study abroad programs are more expensive than just taking a single semester or course abroad, and there’s a big difference between needing funds to study abroad for free or just needing to cover some of the cost. The great factor is that you have to plan your studies and schedule the necessary funds to be allocated for all.


There are lot of factors which can directly affect your cost of living especially with the city you are living. How much is the cost of accommodation and how much affordable it can go from one part to another? How is your intake of food going to be happening? Will it be on restaurants or self made ones?


Other factors you should consider might be related to the courses you take, visas, and potential income outside of class. Do your courses require you to purchase expensive materials? What are the expenses associated with visas or residence permits?

All these information’s can add to your expenses in total and to this, you will get an idea on where to place your future expenses.


We will find it really expensive to get in all the things mettled together and find an affordable budget to take into. For example, don’t pay rent alone, find a roommate! Or, cook for yourself whenever possible. Eating out can add up quickly, especially if you’re adding drinks to the tab. Also, look for student discounts. Even some of the world’s most famous attractions and sights offer huge discounts if you show a student ID, so take advantage! Even if you find some partial scholarships for studying abroad, budgeting and student discounts will make your life a lot easier.


3.What Will a Study Abroad Scholarship Cover?


What scholarship funds will go towards varies greatly depending on which international scholarships you receive and who is providing it. Most are designed to cover your basic costs of studying. This includes tuition, student fees, books, and any other school-related costs. In some cases, a portion of your living costs might also be covered, such as food and accommodation. All these expenses covered can give you an overall idea on what or where to apply for the scholarship you actually need to apply to. You will be provided with the money you need to and the other part lies with you where you need to cunningly allocate the money and fund your studies as such. That doesn’t mean that you can or should spend your money on just anything, it’s all still meant to fund your education. The difference is that you’re able to prioritize your own budget and apply the financial aid accordingly. You have to be very fluent with the terms and conditions regarding the availing of a scholarship. There are certain academic demands to the program you have applied to. Its just like you need to have certain marks to have a scholarship.

It’s also important to take into consideration when the funding will be awarded. A study abroad scholarship is usually paid in full amount at the beginning of the semester or there are even schemes where it is divided and paid into instalments. The money will be paid either to student or the university. You have to be informative on the methods and strategies adopted by each school and organization on the payment and allocation of fee in total.


4.Where is your study abroad scholarship coming from?


Scholarships can come from various sources depending on the application and sources you have relied on.

There are several different sources, such as, Universities, Governments, Organizations, Businesses and Private donors too.


There are instances where certain organizations or institutions are being run by certain people who have done their academics at foreign universities and have known the worth of this.

Scholarships are an excellent way to help you achieve your study abroad dreams. Have a great look at the various types of scholarships and the providers.


University Scholarships.

A lot of universities actually help students to allocate fund and provide scholarship in advance to this. Universities will readily help their students find study abroad scholarships and international grants. Admissions offices may automatically offer scholarships and grants when you apply, or they may require that you apply for financial aid in advance. You can actually find help of the admissions advisor to sort out and figure out your scholarship and the necessary information’s you need to give there.

The advisor will be capable to get you information on different types of scholarships you can actually qualify for based on academic records, athletic ability, special talents, or financial need. Scholarships through a specific university may be offered as full-tuition or partial payments. You can actually prioritize and look into the university where you wish to study in the future. The priority lies in the way you will schedule your future and the school you wish to join in for your future education.

Government Scholarships.


When you’re looking for knowledge on how to get a scholarship to study abroad, don’t overlook government scholarships! Federal or state governments are a great source of financial aid for international students.

In the case of most of the nations, especially, United States, Government is the greatest source of providing and allocation of scholarships to the students. In order to get knowledge on the government sponsored scholarship, you can contact the respective embassy on this.

Private and Individual Donor Scholarships.


Many companies, foundations, community organizations, and clubs sponsor scholarships for studying abroad. Organizations offering these types of private scholarships can be institutions such as labour unions, religious centres, public organizations or clubs. These ‘external’ or ‘private scholarships’ are generally a one-time form of aid, and will vary in amount and usually have specific eligibility requirements set by the donor.

Individual donors, on the other hand, are individuals who have set up a private fund for students to receive financial aid. These study abroad scholarships are awarded based on academic merit or financial need depending on the donor.

To find international scholarships through individual donors, a bit more searching is usually required. Sometimes these scholarships are advertised, but more often than not you will have to seek them out on your own.


The different types of Study Abroad Scholarships.


Before the application to a scholarship, you have to be fluent and well versed on the types of scholarships being granted for students. Grants will have different eligibility requirements and will cover different costs related to the study abroad experience.


Check out on the different types or even categories of scholarship which can help you in picking the right one for you.


Merit based scholarships.


These types of scholarships are being provided to the students who have excelled in their academics in total. It involves the exhibition of your grades and scores where eligibility is met and you will be considered for the granting of a scholarship. Some universities will also take into consideration any special talents you may have, including athletic abilities or musical skills.

The money granted by a merit-based scholarship is almost exclusively meant to cover tuition fees. Whether it covers only partial or full tuition is dependent on the university’s budget, your grades, or your financial need.


Need-based Scholarships.


As the name suggests, need-based scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated that they have financial needs to pursue a study abroad experience. If the student is still supported by their parents, the scholarship provider will analyses the parents’ income and ability to pay for the tuition fees. They may also look at factors such as citizenship and residence status, the number of members in your household, tax statements, or employment. If the student supports themselves, their own income will be assessed.

Need-based scholarships are designed to provide assistance for studies when students or their guardians are not able to afford tuition and costs of studying. These grants are independent of merit scholarships, and in some cases, you may qualify for both merit-based scholarships and need-based scholarships depending on the program or university. Be sure to check with your financial aid advisor to see what type of international scholarships you qualify for.


Athletic Scholarships.


Athletic scholarships are given to the young talents who are very much involved with their athletic excellence and remarkable standing points. United states is one such an important destination that give a lot of importance to the athletic people as such. Athletes compete for these prized athletic scholarships, but they also come with a price.


While benefiting from a free education, athletes must balance rigorous training with studies. Athletic scholarships are often awarded to athletes while in high-school based on their performance in sports.


Program or field specific scholarships.



Program-specific scholarships are most often related to a specific level of studies such as bachelor’s or master’s level, or to a specific program, such as an engineering or a nursing program. For example, a university may offer master’s degree scholarships for any of its master’s students or the engineering faculty may offer specific scholarships for master’s programs in engineering for its engineering students. There are also several scholarships for international students within this category. Some universities may target students in specific fields to boost their own international student population in specific programs.


Minority Scholarships.


If you belong to a minority group, take advantage of the scholarship options established specifically for you. Most universities want to ensure they are providing equal access to education. Therefore, they offer scholarships to members of marginalized groups that may not otherwise have access to the same opportunities as more privileged students.


Eligible groups include, but are not limited to, women, racial or ethnic minorities, and members of the LGBTQ community.


5. Scholarships to study in the UK.


1 Chevening Scholarship.


This initiative supports talented professionals who have shown prior leadership skills and exceptional performance in their respective fields. With Chevening, you can apply for a scholarship or fellowship, the selection of which is done by the high commission and British embassies

These scholarships are fully funded, and includes airfare, living expenses and tuition fees (get in touch with an IDP international education expert for more info)

This is available for 12 months (provided your course is for 12 months). However, it can be extended after 1 year under the special case that will be approved by FCO.


2 Commonwealth Scholarship.


The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK offers fellowships and scholarships to students from Commonwealth countries. Indian students applying for a master’s degree or a PhD in the UK can take advantage of this scholarship to fund their education. Under the scheme, there are scholarships available specifically for low and middle-income countries too.

This scholarship covers airfare, tuition fees and some of the maintenance expenses.




3 Great Scholarship.


This scholarship is jointly funded by the UK Government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council under the Study UK campaign. This program includes 99 postgraduate scholarships from 36 UK universities in a variety of subjects. However, for Indian students, 12 of the UK higher education institutions are offering 13 postgraduate scholarships. The amount of each scholarship is a minimum of £10,000, the equivalent of one year’s tuition of a postgraduate (taught) degree. The application deadline varies as per different

institutions, so you need to check the university’s website for the same.


6.Application Procedures to a study Abroad scholarship.


So, hurry up with the information you have fetched till now.

Many students find this to be the hardest step, but it doesn’t have to be. Most study abroad scholarships will have very specific application criteria to follow. Considering how competitive it can be to receive a scholarship, make sure you follow all the instructions and double check your work. A great first impression is the first step to turning your study abroad dreams into reality.


Although applying for global scholarships can be very time-consuming, it is well worth the investment. In any case, you can follow our tips on getting your application ready to make the process much easier.


1.Make a Checklist

To start, it’s important to get organized. Make a list of all the scholarships for international students you plan to apply for and then write down what each one requires. If you know in advance what you will need, it will be much easier to gather all of the necessary paperwork and documents. Oftentimes, different study abroad scholarships will require similar things, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and essays.


You can also make a note of how much each scholarship is worth and rank them by ones you are most eligible for to ones that might be more of a stretch. Then, once you’ve organized your list, it’s time to get started!


2.Gather the Necessary Documentation

Transcripts, essays, and letters of recommendation make up the essential components of your study abroad scholarship application. However, double check to make sure that nothing else is required. Also, take into consideration that it can take a lot of time to request and receive both transcripts and recommendation letters from schools.


If the scholarship provider simply asks why you deserve funding for a study abroad experience, have no fear. Make some of the following points to convince them that you deserve this experience and you’re ready to take it seriously:


Explain why study abroad will make a difference for your studies

Let them know why you picked where you want to study

Describe why you need their financial support to fulfil your dream

Explain how you plan to appropriately allocate the funds

Showcase your personality, passion, and previous experiences.


Don’t forget to proofread before handing in your essay. If possible, it’s great to have someone take a look over it as well, especially if it’s a professor or someone who has written a study abroad scholarship essay before.

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