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We assist and guide students in the process of Career Counselling where they will reflect on themselves as well as the future decision of education, career and the life goals.
Career Mapping is a crucial way of dealing with the decision of building an understanding of what they need in life as a career.
Course Selection includes exactly, bringing about a choice for the course in line with the aptitude of the student and his/her personal interest.
University Selection involves the filtering and picking up of universities for students taking in consideration of their financial Situation and Academic Background.
Students will be guided and given proper information on the scholarships availed by the Universities. We make sure that they are assisted through the pathway.
Team Matglober has got a team to assist students with the Visa procedures. We assure you the guidance and assistance all along.

Students will be amply assisted with the travel necessities and services such as Booking tickets and giving information on the available discounts.
This part of the service focus on helping out students to arrive at the destination. They will be provided with the chance to meet others who are going to the same university.

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