study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

Feeling difficult to pack for study abroad? Nah, its easy!

If you have no idea on what an international education packing list may look like, then you will be guided by this information on what all things you can carry along , thus making your life there easy and flexible. But the major concern when it comes to the packing is you actually overpack, not the under packing.


You are expected to carry things that can help you stay prolonged and survive every season happening abroad.

abroad packing items

As a rough list, here are a few essentials:

1. 7-10 days worth of clothes, ranging from warm to cold to wet weather            options.
2. Versatile shoes
3. A large backpack or duffel bag
4. A smaller day bag
5. Chargers, power adapters, and converters
6. Prescription medication
7. Travel size toiletries
8. Essential documents in a travel folder, including passport, visa, proof of         return flight (if required to enter), proof of COVID-19 vaccine, etc.
9. Emergency cash.


A key to look into the necessary things you have to carry in your future is very much related to the things you are doing in your day to day lives. The week before you start prioritising your stuffs to pack, you can look into the ones you have used last week and the clothes you have packed into. Have a thought on the cheap items which can be purchased in your abroad journey and budget them before you leave here. It is always better to choose a well planned strategy to organize things to carry and sort out the immediate ones.




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