study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

Study Abroad Consultancy vs Independent Application: Which is Better?

There are plenty of questions that might enter your mind before you go to study abroad. One of the most important choices that students often have to make is whether to prepare for their study abroad experience by carrying out independent research or by consulting with study abroad consultants.

For students, the most challenging option is “self-application vs. study abroad agency.” Students are usually able to submit applications directly to institutions; however, study abroad agencies are capable of making the choice procedure and admissions process smoother.


Pros of Self Application


  • Independence in Selection 
  • Cost Effective 
  • Personalized Research
  • Learning Experience

Self Application

Cons of Self Application


Limited guidance and support: With a lack of expert assistance, students might find it challenging to handle the complicated application processes, understand admission requirements, and select appropriate universities.

Lack of expertise: Self-application may restrict your access to significant knowledge and resources that study abroad organizations have, like the latest and most recent data on colleges, financial aid programs, and visa requirements.

Language Barriers: It might be challenging for the candidate to understand multiple languages when applying to universities in different countries. Few candidates, even those who have excellent English proficiency, manage to understand the required documentation and fill out the application forms, among other things.

Time-consuming – Obtaining the necessary documentation, researching colleges and programs, filling out application forms for many universities, and numerous other tasks take a lot of time when applying to study abroad. Candidates have to allocate time specifically for the process to be completed.

Overwhelming Information: It can be extremely difficult to sort through the huge quantity of information on studying abroad that is readily accessible through the internet. If students don’t ask study abroad consultants for advice, they may frequently get perplexed or lost and may miss essential details that might have a significant effect on their admissions process or their entire time studying abroad.

Missed Opportunities: Having direct and constant interaction with the institutions provides consultants with the ability to obtain exclusive information regarding scholarships, internships, and other opportunities. They are able to assist you in taking full advantage of these great chances that can enhance your study abroad experience and, in most cases, lower the cost. Without them, you risk missing out.

Potential pitfalls: Unintentional errors in applications could result in missed chances or rejections for students who lack expertise or an understanding of the study abroad application procedure. 


What is a Study Abroad Agency?


The Role of Study Abroad Consultants


In order to assist students in achieving their goals of obtaining an education abroad, study abroad consultants are necessary. Serving as a sort of gateway to international universities, they are able to provide professional advice on an extensive variety of topics. The advisors are able to assist students in making the best college decisions if they have a clear idea of their expectations.


Pros of Study Abroad Agency

Expertise in Multiple Fields: Study Abroad Agencies have extensive knowledge about an extensive variety of subjects, countries, colleges, course information, admissions procedures, and even the visa application process. Candidates receive the most comprehensive market insights and onboarding from an overseas agency. They advise the applicant to pursue courses that are highly sought-after and could possibly lead to employment in the future.

Faster and Easy Process: Consultants can guide applicants through the application procedures using their experience, guaranteeing that all necessary documentation is in order and deadlines are strictly adhered to.

Qualifications checklists: The study abroad agencies are experts at identifying the ideal institutions that match the candidate profile and have an understanding of the minimum requirements stipulated by each university. Therefore, minimizing the possibility of rejection by universities helps safeguard our best intentions.

Alumni Networking: The data of previous learners who obtained university admission through their agencies has been kept up-to-date by the study abroad agency. Applicants are able to acquire an understanding of the choices made for overseas education in addition to the professional and personal experiences that graduates have shared.

Minimal Cost: Since the study abroad organizations provide free services, the financial burden on the students throughout the admissions process is minimized.

Scholarship data: These study abroad agencies can recommend applicants with feasible scholarships, which reduce the financial burden on students. It’s easy for candidates to choose and apply for the best scholarship from the database of information the agencies maintain about scholarships.

Visa Guidance: Study abroad agencies are able to provide assistance on the visa application process because they are knowledgeable about visa procedures. They will assist you in meeting the deadlines, understanding the requirements, and preparing the required paperwork.

Post-arrival Assistance: In addition to supporting you through education, professional advisors are able to help students when they arrive in the desired nation by offering local knowledge or recommendations on where to stay.

Unique SOP: Even applicants with outstanding academic records have to provide a strong statement of purpose (SOP) when applying to international universities. Your study abroad consultants will work with you to come up with a distinctive SOP that includes every vital aspect that universities and colleges frequently require.


Study abroad consultants significantly increase the probability of a successful application by ensuring that students have access to the resources and guidance they require at each phase of the procedure. Compared to self-application, which usually lacks guidance and can result in missed opportunities or unnecessary problems, the study abroad agencies’ large network, faster application procedures, and personalized recommendations offer essential advantages.


Since choosing to study abroad is an important decision, careful consideration is required. You can read more about “Matglober,” the study abroad consultant.


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