study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

Indian Government Scholarships to Study Abroad

Study Abroad grants by the public authority of Kerala are not simply pathways, they are the keys to opening a universe of potential outcomes. Starting from monetary guide, these grants shape the pathway for higher studies.


The world is turning out to be more interconnected than before chasing after advanced education. For students seeking to concentrate on abroad, the Public authority of Kerala offers various offers through its programs. These are focuses on giving quality education as well as encourage worldwide openness and culturally diverse encounters. Kerala, known for its high proficiency rates and quality education , is doing whatever it may take to internationalize its instructive environment of providing an opportunity to study abroad for students. The Public authority of Kerala’s study abroad grants are an essential to move towards accomplishing this objective. The government is making it possible for deserving students to gain access to world-class education by providing them with financial aid.


The scholarship programs are an encouraging sign for students who have the dream about studying abroad however are facing  a few monetary limitations. These scholarships cover a wide range of academic fields, from the humanities and social sciences to science and technology. By eliminating monetary hindrances, these projects engage gifted students  to seek after their desires, no matter of their financial background. Scholarships not only helps students grow as individuals, but it also improves Kerala’s ability to produce skilled professionals in a variety of fields, enhancing the state’s workforce. Concentrating abroad isn’t just about academics but also urges students to get out of their usual familiarity and embrace new societies, dialects, and perspectives. This openness to diverse viewpoints cultivates worldwide residents who can adjust to various conditions and contribute seriously to the worldwide scenario.


The public authority of Kerala’s abroad grants distinguishes and uphold splendid personalities with the possibility to become future pioneers, and change makers. These scholarships are cultivating a generation of people who will positively contribute to Kerala’s growth and development by providing them with the resources and tools they need to succeed internationally. As student return to Kerala outfitted with global openness and organizations. They can help make the state more involved and thus create a change.


How do I apply for a scholarship to study abroad?

Students who want to study abroad aspire to do so on a scholarship.

  • Research well on accessible grants: There are a great deal of college grants for various nations and courses. Investigate every one of the sources and collect the grants information.
  • Note down your grant details: Be clear with what course to study, in which country, and the base sum you really want.
  • Be clear with your marks and needs: Numerous scholarships require applicants to submit a minimum percentage. Analyze your grades and submit applications for potential scholarships to avoid applying for scholarships you know you will not get in the future.
  • Be clear about the objective country: At the point when you know which country you need to concentrate in, you can look for all the grants offered by different nations.
  • For genuine information, consult the body that awards scholarships: Continuously go for the best sites and genuine sources. Numerous websites provide data, the majority of which is out of date or incorrect.



Indian government scholarships to study abroad

Scholarships provided by Indian government include

Scholarship Name Benefit
Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships Educational expenses, living expenses, travel stipend, J-1 visa backing
Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships Support for a J-1 visa, a monthly stipend, insurance for accidents and illnesses, and a travel allowance (round-trip economy class)
National Overseas Scholarship Given 15,400 USD one time. Also covers books, airfare, living expenses, tuition, medical insurance, and visa fees.
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree 1,100 – 1,200 EUR per month allowance. tuition fees, library, insurance and more.
Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship Approx 30,000 EUR is given.

Compensation for airfare


Scholarships available to students to study in USA

Scholarship Name Benefit
Cornell University Tata Scholarship Tuition Fees is renewed based on   performance
AAUW International Fellowship Provides grants:

Master’s/first professional degree: 20,000 USD

Doctoral: 25,000 USD

Postdoctoral: 50,000 USD

Richmond Scholars Program Covers: tuition fees, living costs, and healthcare.
Microsoft Scholarships (Undergraduate) Partial tuition fees


Scholarships available to students to study in UK

Scholarship Name Benefit
Felix Scholarship 100% tuition fees

15,000 EUR – 16,000 EUR for the is provided for cost of living


Rhodes Scholarship Tuition fees is covered

Monthly stipend: 1,515 EUR

      Chevening Scholarship Covers: airfare, lodging, and tuition for up to a year.
Global Study Award Upto 10,000 EUR (one time)
Great Education Scholarship 10,000 EUR for one year


Scholarships available to students to study in Canada 

Scholarship Name Benefit
Ontario Graduate Scholarships 5,000 CAD – 15,000 CAD is given for over the period of course tenure
York University International Student Scholarship 35,000 CAD per annum
Canada Memorial Scholarship 10,000 CAD (one time)


Scholarships available to students to study in Australia 

Scholarship Name                       Benefit
John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) Benefits are available as per resources
Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Help upto 272,500 AUD
Griffith Remarkable Scholarship Covers: 50% of tuition fees



Scholarship Name       Benefit
Scholarship by University of Waikato       Upto 500,000 NZD
Great Wall Program       Covers: Tuition fees, medical insurance, cost of     living
Orange Tulip Scholarship         Waive partial tuition fees upto 50%
The Heinrich Böll Foundation scholarship         850 EUR per month



The Overseas Education Scholarship for Kerala Students is a program that gives students the chance to take courses in medicine, engineering, pure science, agriculture, management, law, and social science at various foreign universities. Candidates must either graduate with the same grade or pass with a first-class average of 60% or better.


Ought to have top of the line or at least 60% imprints in graduation. Inclination will be given for experienced applicants.

As of December 1, 2018, candidates must be younger than 40 years old. Their annual family income cannot exceed 6 lakh rupees. Only one child from the same parent is eligible for the scholarship. This is a one-time award. Candidates can only apply for the scholarship if they are accepted into one of the 200 universities listed in the announcement. For applicants to other universities, they will need to produce the necessary documentation to demonstrate the quality of the university. They will also need to apply for admission on their own and will not be able to change the course or the center of the course after receiving the scholarship. Students will need to apply for admission to the institute in question within one year of receiving the scholarship.

In order to receive a full refund, the selected candidates must sign a bond with the Kerala government stating that they will complete the course in accordance with the terms of the scholarship.

Assuming the candidate gets some other monetary scholarship, to tuition fees or maintenance fees that sum should be paid back to the government and the decision made by the government in this will be final and binding.

In conclusion, the study abroad consultancies in Kerala can connect with many students who are ready to go abroad for higher studies thus helping them in each possible manner possible. They can also assist one in exploring a vast array of excellent colleges that provide one with choice of courses at lower tuition costs and even better opportunities for industrial exposure. This incorporates assisting students with tracking down reasonable convenience, dealing with their funds, and helping with the on boarding system at their college. By offering these types of assistance, the specialist guarantees that the student’s change to life abroad is without hurdles and is as smooth as could be expected.

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