study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

Why Chose UK For Study Abroad in 2024



UK colleges are among the most recognized in the world. As a matter of fact, as per QS World College Rankings 2021, eight UK colleges are positioned among the best 50 colleges internationally. These are:

University of Oxford

University of Cambridge

Imperial College London

University College London

University of Edinburgh

University of Manchester

King’s College London

London School of Economics and Political Science

Colleges in the UK are notable for their Research and development abilities, and every course one intend to study there are in excess of 100 colleges to browse. The QS World University Rankings also breaks down universities by subject to help one find the best UK universities for  particular field of study.



International students who relocate to the UK have the chance to meet people from all over the world and gain knowledge of a variety of cultures. This is particularly evident in the event that on moving to London, where 35% of the populace was located will provide one the option to remain associated with culture shock and the greater way of living present there.



There are lot of help for students in the UK. This could be done via the local government, university, or online. For instance, every college has an office positioned to address global students’ necessities, and answer inquiries regarding educational cost, lodging, and scholarly help, and so on. Prior to making an application to a university, one can also get in touch with their office. The UK Council for International Student Affairs, which is a supporting body for global students, thus giving information their website for students, such as details on mental health support, housing, working, and immigration including a hotline in which the student can call to clear their doubts.



UK is seen as a greater spot to improve one’s English language skills. By concentrating on in the UK, one will be able to get an idea of different English pronunciations such as  English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh from around the globe, giving one a genuine listening experience one probably won’t get at home.



Beginning in July, international and bachelor students will be able to stay for 2 additional years after graduation, while global international doctorate students can remain for a very long time which is for a period of 3 years. This makes it more straightforward for students looking ahead to settle and start their careers in the UK.



Individuals in the UK positioned their overall satisfaction rate in terms of living in around a score of 6.8 out of 10 (which is higher than the OECD normal). The UK is additionally positioned well than in terms of jobs, education, skills etc that might mean a lot to global students.


From London to Glasgow, to Manchester, to Nottingham, the UK is home to an entire scope of incredible urban communities for students to investigate where one will get to check out the world-class art galleries and museums in the new city or be a part of culture of the UK and will be able to visit old palaces and towns. Most importantly, one will meet friends from all over the world and can able to take advantage of everything the UK offers.

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