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study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

Matglober Presents Kerala’s Biggest France Virtual Spot admission Fair’24

Kerala’s biggest France Virtual Spot Admission Fair 2024 is coming soon, featuring almost all the institutions in France. This event is perfect for students who dream of starting their academic journey in the best institutions present in France. It is  also a great opportunity for the institutions present in France to increase their visibility and connect with key influencers, including parents.



Attending a spot admission fair is a fantastic opportunity for students. Before applying to a university, they can interact directly with representatives to understand course structures, entry requirements, and learning outcomes. These fairs are also great for meeting advisors who can help with student visas, education loans, English language, and housing.

The France Virtual Spot Admission Fair 2024 is a platform for Indian students to meet top France universities and decide what to study and where to apply. The fair is free, allowing students to meet as many universities as they want. University representatives and admission officers will address all student inquiries about courses, entry requirements, grants, English language tests, student visas, and accommodation.

These events are crucial for international students interested in studying in the France. At the virtual Fair, students can meet admissions officers from France universities one-on-one. These fairs are now held in person, offering direct access to colleges in France.


Highlights of the Fair:

  • One-on-One Meetings: Meet admissions officers from universities of France.
  • On-the-Spot Offers: Receive offers on the spot.
  • Exclusive Scholarships: Apply for exclusive scholarships offered by universities.
  • Post-Study Work Visa: Learn about the post-study work visa option.
  • Early Entry: Get a head start on application.
  • Education Advice: Speak with education experts in France about studying in the France.
  • Institution Representatives: Talk to representatives from over 20 institutions.
  • Paid Internship Options: Explore paid internship opportunities.
  • Gap Year Accepted Institutions: Find institutions that accept gap years.
  • Education Loan Assistance: Get help with education loans.
  • Language Training Assistance: Receive language training support.


Reason why Matglober is one of the best choice 

Matglober is one of the top consultancies, earning credibility and the satisfaction of thousands of students in a short time. Matglober helps students find the best educational and cultural experiences abroad. They guide students to achieve their best and secure a spot to study abroad.

Students often have questions like how to get global scholarships, choose the right course and destination, find the cheapest countries to study, and adjust to a new place. These can be barriers to their dream of studying abroad. Matglober helps one ease these concerns through guidance and career planning sessions. They assist students through the processes of securing admissions and scholarships at international colleges. Matglober plays an important role in helping the students choose a study abroad plan that fits their needs and interests, which is crucial today. They also ensure that every student meets their study abroad goals by providing support and overcoming their fears.


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