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study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

Best Tourism and Hospitality Management Courses Abroad

The career in tourism and hospitality management is focused on many areas including management, marketing, operation of various restaurants and food services, lodging, travel and recreation related services. Hospitality and tourism are one of the fastest growing career nowadays and are of great demand in today’s scenario. The main focuses in hospitality and tourism is to provide stunning creative and luxurious experiences to various upcoming tourist and guests. The sector provides greater career opportunities for those persons who have creative mindsets and professional expertise in the field of tourism and hospitality. There are many subjects under hospitality and tourism which include English communication, food production, food and beverage, housekeeping, front office, accounting, business law and nutrition and food science. A bachelor studies in hospitality and tourism management focuses on the application of business knowledge for the growth and development of tourism industry. The career in hospitality and tourism helps one to get a better understanding on how to make economic, social and environmental change in the development of various communities in the tourism and hospitality sectors.
• The scope of tourism and hospitality as a career and area of study is that it teaches about various concepts and fundamentals in the field of human resources, project management, cross cultural awareness, sustainability and marketing fundamentals. The hospitality and tourism as an area of study is a 3 year program with 96 credit points. The list of hospitality and tourism courses abroad include:
• Undergraduate Hospitality and Tourism.
• VET Hospitality and Tourism.
• Postgraduate Hospitality and Tourism.
• Pre-Degree & Vocational Hospitality and Tourism.
• Foundation Hospitality and Tourism.
• Doctorate Hospitality and Tourism.
• University Preparation Hospitality and Tourism.

There are various countries that have gained importance in the study of hospitality and tourism courses which include Switzerland, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. The hospitality and tourism course have great career opportunities both abroad and in India for those who have completed their studies from prestigious universities abroad. Apart from this the course is one among the higher paid career in both India and abroad with stable job opportunities. The career opportunities after completing ones studies in hospitality and tourism management range from banquet and conferences, food and beverage management, front office reception, resort management, restaurant management, spa and wellness management etc.

The course in hospitality and tourism management is highly suitable for those with great business background and inspiration to pursue higher studies in hospitality and tourism management from prestigious universities abroad so that one will get a thorough understanding of each and every aspects of business along with the exposure to international business in the global arena. Most people after completing their graduation and with growing passion to be a successful businessman secede to choose hospitality and tourism management from prestigious universities abroad as their area of study to have better understanding about the global exposure in the competitive world. In hospitality and tourism management from prestigious universities abroad one will be taught about each and every aspect of handling business along with the theoretical aspects involved in the business market. There is always a need for all those people who are willing to carry on with their family business or for those willing to start their own business to do higher studies in the hospitality and tourism management from prestigious universities abroad as there is a need to understand about all the sectors as well as about different departments which include human resources, finance, marketing etc. No person who wish to start their own business can succeed without the help of theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge, For this there is need to study in prestigious universities where one get real cases to handle as well as they also get chance to meet great business personalities and also will get a chance to be inspired by listening to their business journey.

Hospitality and tourism management from prestigious universities abroad gives the students theoretical knowledge with exposure to the outside world. They get chance to work in real business environment and will also prepare for variety of business roles in a global manner. The university includes faculties and students from all over the world making it a successful business program. The course provides knowledge of changing business trends and will help to understand the role of technology in rapidly evolving business environment. One will also get knowledge on different markets in this high tech world and will be equipped to handle the technical challenges that arise in the business world with an increased preference to the international outlook to the business world.

The decision of many students to pursue hospitality and tourism management from prestigious universities abroad is because these Universities has dynamic, well designed, innovative, contemporary and practical business courses that are developed in such a way more and more business leaders are produced for the upcoming future. The universities of different countries are ranked in different ways as per the world university rankings by times higher education and has greater reviews on student portals. The universities abroad is said to have its roots in the most excited part of the region between different financial institutions pioneering new businesses. Apart from this what students will like most on being a part of these prestigious universities abroad is that they work closely with chartered management institute and conduct various events and workshops that explore topical issues and also conduct workshops with business in the community to make one clear how business will have a positive impact on their local communities. Moreover students getting opportunity to study abroad in prestigious universities of different countries will get an opportunity to visit leading business in different countries, and they will get chance to attend various internships and industry related conferences as a part of their course curriculum and will also get a chance to attend and learn from various talks by great business leaders as well as guest speakers. Regardless of the career path one want to choose the hospitality and tourism management from prestigious universities abroad will help one to gain the skills, aspirations and connection to achieve their future goal.

It will be great privilege for each and every student who get opportunity to study hospitality and tourism management from prestigious universities abroad as different countries being the greatest cultural, educational and economic centers provide various unique opportunities to explore the world and the students who study abroad will get a chance to be a part of the multicultural environment by interacting with people from different parts of the world by exploring their culture and lifestyle. Apart from this various cities in different countries was also ranked as the best student city in the world in the QS best student cities 2018 making it a fantastic place to study.

Moreover one will be happy and delighted and will be looking forward to be a part of various prestigious universities located in different countries with the assurance to get a high paying job in their hometown when they come back after completing ones studies in hospitality and tourism management from prestigious universities abroad.


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