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Top Spouse Friendly Destinations to study abroad 2024

Abroad studies have a few advantages that can not be estimated through single insights. Whether it is education, capability, abilities or work, concentrate a student to an expert who can create a fruitful life in this exceptionally welcome cutthroat world with higher competition.


Abroad with a life partner


Be that as it may, even in the wake of having a few advantages, the student can hold their dream for higher studies along with their companion by their side because of the rule that students can take their companions abroad for higher studies. Many spouse-friendly nations have different university procedures and migration strategies where one can move with their companions. Different European nations have specific standards for carrying a companion abroad. There are heaps of true advantages to studying abroad with companions.


A few nations include:


  1. Denmark

Denmark extends to the highest pay for positions which is as much as 20 euros/hour with a 100 percent visa achievement rate. In this country, one can apply with a life partner and children. With regards to education, Denmark is home to elite colleges which offer incredible courses with amazing career opportunities.


Prerequisites for the Denmark Spouse Visa

To apply for a Denmark student visa with a companion, the necessities should be met by both accomplice/life partner:

Married lawfully or should be cohabitating accomplices.

Voluntary relationship with one another.

can’t be married or be in a relationship just to get a residential license.

Both should be somewhere around 24 years of age.

Both should meet the joining prerequisite.

Both must proactively partake in the candidate’s language learning and joining.



This little nation flaunts extraordinary landscapes, and architecture, and offers an excellent education. With the minimal expense of educational cost and living, Estonia is a famous objective for different projects.

Estonian colleges offer more than 150 degrees. For Students who are keen on locating abroad with a companion, Estonia is the best objective to pick. With the above benefits, the Estonian government gives a few advantages of part-time pay for oneself as well as their accomplice.


Reports Prerequisites For Estonia Life Partner Visa

Candidates applying for an Estonian life partner visa should present these archives:

Substantial visa with somewhere around two clear pages

Past visa (if any)

Two ongoing visa-measured pictures according to photograph determinations

Application structure

Receipt of the instalment of visa application expense

Letter of greeting from the life partner living in Estonia

Confirmation of adequate assets

Substantial clinical protection

Clinical report

Criminal record testament

Marriage testament

Proof that both lived together

An application for an impermanent home license


  1. UK

The UK has been the most favoured country for students for a long time. Universities offer top-notch expert courses at a reasonable expense. Heaps of perceived colleges don’t request the IELTS test. UK gives a simple and speedy visa arrangement with 2 years of PSW. The UK is among the nations which has a high pace of visa achievement. UK visa process is advantageous to the point that one might get the visa within 5 working days for one’s spouse. For the UK visa process, there is a compelling reason to go through a long cumbersome documentation process.


A UK companion visa permits qualified accomplices to join and live with their mate in the UK who is settled that is an individual who has no migration limitations on how long they can remain in the UK.


The UK-dependent student visa is at first given for as long as 2 years and 9 months. One’s visit can be expanded where one can obtain ILR, which permits long-lasting residency in the UK without being dependent upon migration rules. In the wake of getting ILR, the qualified life partner can apply for English citizenship by marriage too.


Who Can Apply For A UK Life Partner Visa?

An individual can apply for a UK spouse visa on the chance that their accomplice in the UK is:


An English resident

Settled in the UK and has Endless Leave to Remain (ILR) or EU Settled Status

Humanitarian security in the UK

Has a Turkish visa be it of a worker or businessman

Most recent UK Life partner Visa Prerequisites 2023


The UK has severe qualification prerequisites to follow for a life partner visa. 

  1. Should be in a certifiable and qualified relationship
  2. Should have adequate assets 

UK-based accomplices should have a procuring of at least £18,600 every year.

  1. Should have appropriate convenience in the UK

Candidates should show proof of appropriate convenience with adequate living space in the UK that is possessed or involved by the candidate’s accomplice.

  1. Should meet English language requirement

The life partner visa candidate ought to have reasonable information on the English language and should be somewhere around A1 in talking and composing.


  1. Germany


Germany Companion Visa Necessities

To welcome one’s companion on a Germany subordinate visa, one ought to meet the referenced necessities:



One should have appropriate convenience in Germany; that is, one’s living space ought to be big for accommodating one and their life partner.



one should have an adequate number of assets to cover both one’s and one life partner’s everyday costs without public financial support.



While applying for a life partner visa in Germany, both student and companion ought to have 18 years.



Marriage ought to have been registered before the appearance of 0ne’s German understudy visa.


Course Length:

The length of your program ought to be somewhere around 1 year.


Prerequisites for German Spouse Visa

Finished visa application structure

Finished statement structure

Valid passport

Copy of passport data page

passport size photo

Home grant

Marriage authentication

Birth authentication

Greeting letter

Confirmation of assets

Address registration

Convenience verification

Travel health care coverage




Necessities for Spouse Visa in Poland

Indian students concentrating on Poland can welcome their accomplices on a reliant visa. Be that as it may, there are sure prerequisites to meet to apply for a Poland-spouse visa for a life partner.


Students must have lived in Poland for at least two years on a temporary residence permit.

Students must have lived in Poland on an EU residence permit.


Documents Required For Spouse Visa in Poland

Valid passport

Visa application form

Passport size photo

Flight itinerary

Travel health insurance

Evidence of relationship

Document confirming family ties

Residence validity proof of the spouse for the whole period of the intended stay

Appropriate accommodation proof

Applicant’s residence permit and spouse’s valid passport

Documents confirming the sufficient finances to support the spouse’s living and other expenses.




Necessities For France Subordinate Visa For Life Partner

The principal question international students ask is whether one is qualified to carry their life partner to France. The short response is YES; be that as it may, a few agreements should be met to carry one’s Spouse to France.

The fundamental condition is that a student should remain for something like a year and a half and have a 1 year substantial Visa. Other than this, students should have adequate assets to demonstrate that they can uphold their companion’s costs and their whole stay in France. students should likewise have legitimate facilities to bring their mates.


Indian students who need to study in France are allowed to take their life partners together. 


The following are the fundamental records that should be submitted while applying for a Spouse visa in France:-

Legitimate visa with at least two clear pages (The termination date of the identification should be of no less than 1 year and 90 days)

Extended stay visa application appropriately filled and endorsed by the candidate

Current visa size photo (Measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm)

Point-by-point travel agenda

Verification of Marriage 

Monetary verification to show one has an adequate number of assets to help their visit to France


How To Apply For A Companion Visa For France?


Point-by-point companion visa process from India:


Step 1: Register At OFII

After meeting the essential prerequisite and qualification measures, the primary thing one’s spouse needs to do from India is register at OFII.


Step 2: Arrangement and Accommodation

Make a meeting with the French Office on the France-Visas. On the date of the arrangement, the Spouse should go face to face to present the mentioned archives and register biometric information.


Step 3: Visa Approval

After getting a long-stay visa, one’s spouse needs to enter France in something like three months of France visa approval. There they need to enroll with OFFI to approve their visa online within the initial 3 months of their visit to France.


A spouse should give the following details:


Visa data

Date of the section in France

Address of home in France

Credit/check card to pay the home grant conveyance charge


How to demand a French Spouse visa?

One can demand a France life partner visa by making an internet-based account on the France Visa process. There one should fill in the visa details with needed information and look at the necessities.


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