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Cost of living in New York city

New York City is quite well known for their Cost of everyday items that could change relying upon variables like occupation, normal compensation, and the nearby housing market. As per research, the typical cost for many everyday items in New York is 168.6, while the average cost is 100. Cost of living index in New York city is on a 100-point scale. A point under 100 demonstrates that New York is more affordable than the national average. New York has a cost of living index higher than 100, indicating that it is more expensive.


The amount of  $ 1 in INR?

$ 1 is equivalent to ₹ 76.60


What Is the Typical Cost for most everyday items in New York?

The typical cost for most everyday items in New York each month for a group of four is $ 7,800, and that for an individual is $ 5,300. Besides, the cost for everyday items in New York City for a student is $ 6,800.


What Are the Top Costs While Living in New York?

New York runs all day, every day, and because of this reality, the city got the nick name ‘The city that won’t ever rest. New York City’s monthly costs are significantly higher than those of the majority of other global cities. Notwithstanding, there are a few factors that influence the typical cost for most everyday items in New York. 


What is the Cost of Renting in New York

The significant expense of living in New York City begins with $6,191 for two bedroom in New York City. Cost for one bedroom come in at $3,295 and $4,331 every month, separately.


Average Monthly Rent: New York City vs. Major U.S. Cities

Type of unit New York City Philadelphia Washington, DC Boston Los Angeles
Studio $3,295 $1,505 $1,895 $2,781 $2,181
1 Bedroom $4,331 $1,939 $2,536 $3,357 $2,983
2 Bedroom $6,191 $2,452 $3,637 $4,094 $4,090

What is the Cost of Utilities in New York City

The cost of normal essential utilities for a 915 square-foot place in New York costs $170.01 including heating, electricity, water etc.

The month to month cost for using internet in New York is about equivalent to the remainder of the country where is  around $65.26.


Cost of transportation in New York City

Public transportation is one of the most amazing ways of getting around New York City, and it’s additionally one of the most reasonable. A month to month MetroCard, permits one limitless rides on trams and transport and this costs somewhat more than $100.


Cost of Food in New York City

Food is one more fundamental which is highly considered while preparing the spending plan on  living in New York City. The typical month to month cost for food for one individual is around $250, albeit this number will increment on the off the chance when one goes out to eat more frequently.


Apart from this be it a student or an outsider one can come across few other cost that are to be considered on living in New York City and these include:


Entertainment cost

In the middle of busy life when one feels like hitting up for shows, films, or different occasions consistently, one will have to financial plan for those expenses, In this case the typical cost of a film ticket in New York City is around $15, and the typical expense of a show pass is about $50.


Healthcare cost 

The month to month cost of health care coverage in New York City points to about $700 each month and this will differ contingent upon one’s age, inclusion, and whether one have any previous circumstances of illness or not.


Personal Care Cost

Individual consideration things like hair styles, clothing, and tidying can add up to one’s additional expenses as well. The typical month to month cost for individual personal care cost in New York City is around $100, however this number will change depending  upon how frequently one want to be part of these services.


Expenses to be incurred for student who come to New York City for studies include 

Factors Average Cost
Accommodation $6,000 – $7,000 per year
Food and Groceries $250 – $300 per month
Transportation Costs $300 – $700 per year
Household Bills $100 – $150 per month
Entertainment $500 – $600 per year
Miscellaneous Expenditures $400 – $500 per year

With all the above information on the  living cost in New York city it depends on one how to meet all their needs through proper financial planning. It can be indeed challenging for many to live there where for others it is merely a cake walk. So I believe the linking one’s finance in hand to the expenses one have with proper planning will help one sustain anywhere whether its costly or affordable to a great extend.

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