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List of Popular Scholarships in the UK 2024

Why do you need a scholarship to study in the UK?


You should be aware that there are two kinds of international student scholarships accessible in the UK: fully-funded scholarships, which pay for both your living expenses and tuition, and partially-funded scholarships, which only pay for part of these expenses. Your application will be evaluated on merit (academic accomplishment), your financial or social profile (socio-economic status), and even your country of origin, depending on their sort. Let’s now examine some of the most well-known UK scholarships available to international students.


Government-Funded Scholarships

The scholarships provided by the UK government and its agencies are accessible to international students.


Subject Scholarships

The fields of engineering, business, and medicine all have scholarships available in the UK.


Private Scholarships

International students are eligible for scholarships provided in the UK by private foundations, associations, and businesses. These scholarships are usually granted based on academic merit, financial need, or a mix of both.


List of scholarships available to Indian students to study in the UK 


Chevening Scholarship

The UK government’s global scholarship program offers assistance to gifted professionals who demonstrate outstanding performance and leadership abilities in their chosen fields. The Chevening Scholarship is entirely financed, covering living expenses, tuition, and travel. 

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Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)

Indian students who are in their early or mid-career stages and who have experience in the humanities, arts, or cultural conservation are the target audience for the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships. Only one-year courses are eligible for CWIT Scholarships, which pay for tuition, living expenses, housing, and a portion of overseas travel.


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Rhodes Scholarships 

To study at the University of Oxford, five Rhodes Scholarships are awarded each year. These are granted based on outstanding intelligence, leadership, morality, and dedication to duty.  two airfares are incorporated in the cost of Rhodes Scholarships, in addition to tuition and university fees. Further, a personal stipend is offered.


GREAT Scholarships

GREAT Scholarships are jointly funded by the British Council and the UK Government’s GREAT Britain Campaign. The GREAT Scholarship has a minimum value of ten thousand pounds. This is the same as paying a post-graduate degree’s tuition for a whole year.


Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK provides these scholarships to citizens of Commonwealth nations. With the support of this scholarship, international students wishing to study for a master’s or doctorate in the UK can pay for their studies. With this scholarship, students may complete a three-year Ph.D. program or a one-year master’s program.


Erasmus Mundus

Students wishing to pursue a joint master’s degree at universities connected to the Erasmus Mundus program can apply for scholarships from Erasmus Mundus. One of the most well-liked scholarships in the UK is awarded to Indian students, who are awarded the greatest number of Erasmus Mundus scholarships globally.


Scotland Saltire Scholarships

Fifty students are given complete scholarships worth one year for taking post-graduation courses in healthcare, research, technology, and creative industries from the Scottish government and university scholarships. The grant, which is worth 8,000 GBP, pays for a year’s worth of master’s tuition in Scotland. 


Felix Scholarships

Underprivileged students from India and other developing nations who succeed academically are eligible for these scholarships. Students must be less than thirty years old and have graduated with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited Indian university to be eligible to apply for these scholarships. 


British Council Creative Economy Scholarships

The British Council, in collaboration with four prestigious UK universities, announced the Creative Economy scholarship program for Indian students and young professionals.


British Council Scholarships for women in STEM

A scholarship program has been established by the British Council in collaboration with 19 UK universities. Women from Southeast Asia, the Americas, and South Asia with STEM credentials can apply for this program. 


iSchoolConnect Scholarship

International students from all over the world who are planning on studying in the UK are eligible for the $40,000 to $50,000 grant. It is provided to deserving students who also pay for their flights.


Hornby Scholarships  

This scholarship pays for all living expenses and housing expenses in the UK, as well as tuition, return airfare, visa fees, and language test costs. It additionally offers a monthly stipend to cover living expenditures. A full university degree and at least three years of experience teaching English full-time are requirements for eligibility for this award. 


Inlaks Scholarships 

The best students get these scholarships, which pay all of their essential expenses, including tuition. Full-time Masters, MPhil, or PhD programs at universities are qualified to apply for Inlaks Scholarships. A maximum of USD 100,000 in financing may be received from the Foundation. 


Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships

The main purpose is to aid academically gifted individuals doing doctoral studies in technology, social sciences, and economics with financial support. This scholarship is entirely financed in the UK and will pay for your tuition, flights, and UK visa in addition to giving monthly stipends to cover any additional costs.


How can I apply for a scholarship in the UK?

There is an application process for each scholarship. Once you obtain the admission letter, you can start applying for a lot of university-based scholarships.


What kinds of scholarships are offered to students in the United Kingdom?

In the UK, the majority of scholarships are awarded based on merit, talent, or need.


Who is qualified for UK scholarships?

There are eligibility requirements for every scholarship. Your academic records must be provided for a chance to be considered for merit-based scholarships.

Financial statements are required as proof of the need for need-based scholarships.


How competitive are UK scholarships to get?

In the UK, scholarships are highly competitive and tend to fill up fast. Applying as soon as possible and ensuring you meet all of their standards is the best way to boost your chances.



Scholarships and financial opportunities to study in the UK are frequently sought after because education in the country is expensive. As a result, all overseas students face fierce competition to get UK scholarships.

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