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How To write SOP For Master Course, Writing Tips and format


I would like to extend you an introduction on myself in my good name as As***a Sebastian Pulimparambil with the authentic passport number     and is a resident of Kerala, India. I have submitted an application to the program, Sensory Loss Intervention from the reputed academic space, Conestoga College, Canada. I wholeheartedly believe that the program choice will bring drastic changes to my academic profile so far in life and I will be considered as a potential driven individual too. And above all, I would like to quote here on the prolific career pathways in India itself which will accelerate my career pathway in the field.

‘ This education will provide me with the skills and knowledge I need to function as a professional intervenors, assisting individuals with sensory loss. I will make a difference by assisting individuals with combined visual and hearing impairment to acquire practical skills and a positive psychological outlook.’

Undoubtedly, this Canadian qualification will accelerate my career options in India. And as a family oriented person as well as an individual who seriously wish to contribute in vehemence to the people who suffer from sensory loss India, I sincerely believe that this international qualification can give me undivided knowledge to be a positive strength in the field of India.



It was my work experience associated with children who are suffering from various sensory issues that made me seriously thoughtful to acquire this Canadian qualification in Sensory Loss Intervention. Pitching it down to the core point, I have had my employment as a Special Education tutor where I came across kids who had issues with stammering, hearing and I felt empathetic towards the health issues they faced in their education. Even though, they were highly intelligent and skilful, they couldn’t come forth in their studies, as they had this limitations in their sensory interventions. I had tried my level best to help them in outliving such scenarios and had also done the better, but, somewhere, I lacked the confidence to excel in my capacity as I was not specifically trained to be so. Coming to my background, I did under graduation at St. Teresa’s College and started working as an Office Assistant at Our Lady of Fatima EMUP school. As I felt inclined towards bettering myself as an individual, I opted the career as a Social Worker at Nila Old Age Home, Kottarakkara and during that work tenure, I was thoroughly happy that I could help out old aged people who need my assistance and guidance. Out of interest, I took Diploma in Learning Disability Management and got into the Spell Learning Support Centre as a Learning Support Assistant. Teaching had been an enthusiastic one and as adviced by my teachers, I took B. Ed in it and started working in as a Shadow at Team Synergy from October 2022 till present. It is with this work experience that I came across kids who were having troubles with sensory losses and at times, I couldn’t manage them too. As their way of intervening things and conceptualising facts were different, I find it extremely important to learn on the art before working on the same. And when I looked at my own kid, things were different and it is here, I sensed the significance of attaining a specialised learning on the sect of people. It is inevitable to work with the student to come up with nonverbal signals to use when in need of a break. I should also create a proactive behavior plan for handling sensory triggers and the vulnerable situations of them. Sensory processing issues happen when kids have trouble handling the information their senses take in. Kids may also have trouble being aware of their bodies, or struggle with balance and coordination. Different kids are affected by sensory issues in different ways. Some may be very sensitive to sensory stimulation. Considering the seriousness of the field, I am interested, I thought to gain a specialized international learning in it to attain a prolific knowledge as well as background to elevate myself to a sound job position in the field.



As far as I have understood, there is a considerably larger interest and vehemence granted to the usage of English language and in this concern, I have written IELTS examination and secure an overall score of 6.5  in this. I have been an English student for a long time and hence it has always been a priority to write this examination for my betterment. I sincerely believe that I will be able to communicate properly in my academic tenure in the multicultural environment of Canada.



On learning this education, I will acquire the positive learning outcomes of the program including,

  • I will learn on the techniques to discuss the intervenor role and the professional principles that guide the delivery of the services for the deafblind and visually impaired to develop professional strategies and goals for career pathways.
  • More to it, I will also develop as well as implement strategies that throw the unique hearing and vision loss of the deafblind individual to support their best quality of life outcomes.
  • More to it, I will also acquire the skills to collaborate as well as capacities with others to engulf an environment that promotes positive social and emotional development and mental wellness for individuals who are deafblind.
  • I will also acquire the skills to opt and look into the orientation and mobility techniques that respond to the needs of the deafblind individual.

On learning this education through a combination of theory, simulation, interactive learning and community practice, the Sensory Loss Intervention program will give me the quintessential the tools needed to apply effective intervention strategies to provide support in educational, community, and home environments.



Proclaimed widely as the quality hub of education, Canada is filled with colleges and institutes which function systematically over time. The education system in the nation is popular for the wide varieties of programs and the methodologies they promote within the nation. The great acceptance granted to the international students and the immense importance to the new technologies as well as strategies implemented within the campuses. Even when I look into my program on Sensory Loss Intervention, the learning of it is highly a specialized one and is very rare in the education sector of my place. In fact, I couldn’t find any education qualification related to the same subject. Canada give importance to specializations and placement programs that attracts most of the international crowd to the country’s education scenario. On the completion of the program, I am very sure to get into the respectable designations  as well as the other reputed positions will be bestowed upon me. I have seen immense importance granted to the employees who have secured an international education from Canada in the current Indian market which is yet another reason for my choice of the nation for higher studies. I strongly behold a faith that the nation of Canada is going to give me a real life experience to explore and venture into new horizons.



It is important for me to ensure the credibility of the education institution I will be getting enrolled to. Since, Canada offers the best education on a global level, I am convinced of the quality of institutions in it as well. Conestoga College has appeared in my search history quite a long time. Regarding the academics of the institute, the details available on both internet and various career expert guidance centres proved to be authentic in every sense possible. And when I confirmed of various positive points on the college, it felt meritful and academically brilliant. The first thing is the long academic history of them, which got established over fifty years and has been maintaining a name of worth too. The college grants more than 200 courses with effective training provided along with them. And all the courses are seen to be promoting innovative techniques adapted to the effective functioning of the system. The College is renowned for the name they have earned on making the enrolled students equip to the future career pathway they will lead. The faculties assigned to the teaching methods are superficial and qualified. The trainers of the college are specially trained for their respective programs which will have a long lasting impact on the students in the college. There is a global perspective given to each of the course being taught and definitely it will make me stay updated to the new world.

Here are the five major focus areas of my decision to choose Conestoga College:

  • Practice based learning and strong industrial connection promoted.
  • Prominence to the installment of latest updation into the campus to reorder the learning area multi facilitated.
  • Promising teaching faculty with experience in the sector they teach on.
  • The College appreciates and enhances the employability skills in each and every individual student enrolled there.
  • They stand apart from conventional and traditional approach to studies and find modern ways to accommodate them.

To my research and knowledge, Conestoga College adheres to my desire to have a practical knowledge in the subject area I get enrolled to.



Sensory loss isn’t always just as simple as not being able to see so well any more. It can have deeper effects on a person especially kids and knowing the possibilities can help me care for them better. Sensory impairment is often regarded from a medical/disability point of view and its effects on mental health can be poorly recognised. Communication is a key issue for deaf and deaf–blind people and difficulties here underlie developmental, psychological and emotional problems and delay or prevent appropriate assessment and treatment. Children may have additional problems associated with the cause of their sensory impairment and need early multi-disciplinary intervention. Emotional and practical support is needed for families to make fully informed choices. Those with and without sensory impairment need the same access to mental health services and this is particularly difficult to achieve for deaf and deaf–blind people. Local and specialist teams need to work together to implement the Service Framework for this vulnerable group. Considering the seriousness to the help they need as well as the precautions they have to be provided, I am deeply thoughtful on opting this education from Canada.



As I seriously consider this career in India, I have this thought to gain experience in several special schools or organizations that cater the needs of students or children or prime age and undoubtedly, I will have the skills as well as expertise to handle them efficiently as well as professionally. Students with sensory processing challenges have trouble managing everything their senses are taking in. At school, they often have to cope with sounds, smells, textures, and other sensations that get in the way of learning. Inclusion and integration of students with sensory difficulties have been one of the most pressing issues for schools and governments worldwide. As per the 2011 census, the population of people with disabilities in India is estimated to be around 26.8 million, which accounts for 2.21% of the total population. Out of this population, 2.4 million are children. However, the education system in India is not equipped to meet the needs of these students, and many of them do not have access to quality education. Therefore, special education classrooms in India are an essential need that must be addressed to ensure inclusive and equitable education for all.

  • The concept of special education refers to the education of students who have disabilities, developmental delays, or other special needs. In India, special education classrooms are designed to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities, such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and other conditions. These classrooms provide specialized instruction, materials, and equipment that help students with disabilities learn and develop essential skills.



One of the primary reasons for the need for special education classrooms in India is the lack of resources and infrastructure to cater to the needs of students with disabilities. Many schools in India lack the necessary equipment and resources to support students with disabilities, such as Braille machines, hearing aids, and ramps. Moreover, the majority of schools in India do not have trained special education teachers who can provide individualized instruction and support to students with disabilities. Special education classrooms can help address these gaps in the education system and provide students with the necessary resources and support to succeed in school. Furthermore, special education classrooms can provide students with disabilities with a safe and supportive learning environment. Students with Sensory losses often face social and emotional challenges, such as isolation and bullying, which can impact their academic and personal growth. Special education classrooms provide a safe and inclusive environment where students can receive individualized instruction and support from trained special education teachers. I prefer to get in the job positions of Special Education Tutor, Special Education Teacher, Early Childhood Special Teacher, Elementary and Secondary School Special Teacher, Special Education Trainer etc.



As an individual who will gain a strong as well as credible international education from Canada and work experience in India too, I believe that I can begin a Special Education institution on my own in the upcoming future in India. There are lot of plans as well as schemes supporting the same and to this, my international education will be a great reward too.



I am obedient and well knowledgeable to the Canadian laws and regulations in connection to student visa application to Canada. My husband is very much supportive in my education pathway as he is employed in his reputed job position and there is immense support from his end. My professional savings are also pretty reliable along with that, I have got the support of my mother who was previously into public employment. More to it, my family as well as my husband’s family have helped me in sorting the financial part.  Coming to the financial scenario of my family, my family is well off with better qualification as well as assets on their own. I have already paid the first year tuition fees which is     CAD to the College. Along with that, I have also created a GIC account and deposited       CAD for my living expenses in Canada. I have the financial support of my parents for pursuing my higher studies. My Ca Valuation comes upto          CAD. I can assure you on the financial stability I will have in the short academic tenure in Canada.



Family and the intimate bonds which I share with all the members is something which bring me close to the whole connections I have with them. And as I am going to pursue an education which is only for a short period of time, it is with great pleasure that I see the early return back India.

I can be open to you on grounds of three familial factors which contribute to the early return back India.

  • As I am the intimate one to my mother who has great dreams and aspirations over me to see me settling down back India, I do believe that the learning of this program will make them feel proud as there are less internationally educated ones in our whole family tree.
  • I am emotionally connected to my mother who is suffering from various ailments. Apart from that, the bonds which I share with her is intimate and connected to each other at large.
  • As I have seen her struggling for years in making the family more grounded and opportunistic, I see the early return to India as an inevitable one for the easy return to India.
  • My father died and the death words he has given me is the deliverance of promise from my end to take care of my mother and also to reputedly handle the family scenarios on a whole. He prefer me to take good care of the family and also to be a guardian to the family as my sister wishes to get settled in a seperate environment with her family.
  • I believe in upholding the values my mother has got with the family bonds and I value the efforts she has taken for years in bringing it up to the next level.
  • Being the close one in the family, I am immensely responsible to handle all the family chores in an efficient manner which is professional as well as enthusiastic. Whole through these years, I have never seen my mother stay seperate and aloof from any of the immediate necessities. As her very next heir, I am vested with the task of bringing along all the bonds together to the core of family.
  • I am connected to my cousins and especially the friends.
  • As a daughter in law as well as mother, I do see this as an immense responsibility to be with my husband’s family too and being a mother to a little one, I largely believe in bringing her up in Indian culture in all it’s entirety. My husband’s brother is settled with his family along with two kids of his as well as their invaluable future too.

I have duties to look into the land properties and other assets which are handed over by our ancestors. Out of all these intimate reasons, I find it to be important to return back India at the earliest time possible.



With this statement of purpose, I do confirm that I have been in depth and genuine to the aforementioned remarks made by me and I see this conversation with you as an inevitable part of the enrollment process to Canada. I have stayed true to myself and all the personal, academic and financial statements composed by me too. Along with that, I do have the very much solid responsibilties back home which make me stay close to all the responsibilties and vested duties as well. In this regard, I humbly request you to grant me the permission to the study permit to Canada. At this point of life, this academic reward is crucial to my life ahead and I prefer to return to India at the earliest. I have all the intimate family ties back here and I see the duty as well as responsibility to give them the necessary mental assistance in the upcoming time period of my life too.



As***ha Sebastian Pulimparambil.

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