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study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

Engineering Courses in abroad

An engineering degree is always considered as reputed profession all over the world. And as the word engineer it mainly deals with creating, building and designing. It is always considered as a scientific or technical part of study that mainly deals with development as well as designing of various buildings, products as well as machines. There are many fields in the area of engineering that are considered as creative, lucrative and higher paid career. Engineering degrees includes different branches and fields which include computer engineering, chemical engineering, electronics engineering, and aeronautical engineering and biomedical engineering. Engineering degree is usually an undergraduate degree for a period of 3 to 4 years. Engineering is always considered as the toughest and hardest degree among other degrees. The degree is considered to have tremendous amount of patience, hard work and commonsense if one want to clear a degree in engineering. The engineering is considered most suitable area of study for those individuals who wish to be a problem solver. The engineering degree is only suitable for those students who have completed their high school with a decent percentage of marks along with a valid score in relevant area of engineering entrance exams. The average age of completing an engineering degree is 23 to 24 years if the student is free of backlogs. As per the new education policy the degree in engineering contains 14 subjects which include physics, maths, chemistry, computer science, electronics, IT, biology, informatics technology, biotechnology and technical vocational subject etc. Regarding the scope of engineering the engineering is always considered as good career opportunity with high pay. There are certain core branches of engineering that have good opportunities apart from others there include electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. Apart from this there are 6 branches of engineering that has gained most importance – mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical and geotechnology. Both BE and Btech degrees help one to pursue careers in the different fields of engineering. The engineering degree is spread across 8 semesters with a time period of 4 years. There are different modules in engineering which include:
OU level 1
1. Engineering: frameworks, analysis, production
2. Engineering: mathematics, modelling, applications
3. Engineering: origins, methods, context
4. Technologies in practice
OU level 2
1. Core engineering A
2. Core engineering B
3. Design for engineers
4. Electronics: sensing, logic and actuation
5. Environmental management: systems and sustainability
6. Mechanical engineering: heat and flow
OU level 3
1. Communications technology
2. Environmental management 2
3. Mechanical engineering: computer aided engineering
4. Nanoscale engineering
5. Renewable energy
6. Structural integrity: understanding and predicting failure
7. Web, mobile and cloud technologies
8. Electronics: signal processing, control and communications
Access modules
1. Science, technology and maths Access module
2. Science, technology and maths Access module: fast track

Apart from this the engineering degree offers variety of job opportunities in different areas of study according to the branches of engineering chosen by the students.
• The job opportunities offered by degree in engineering include :
• Civil engineering technician.
• Aerospace engineering technician.
• Cartographer.
• Biomedical engineer.
• Industrial engineer.
• Marine engineer.
• Environmental engineer.
• Agricultural engineer

Canada, India, china, France, US and UK are considered best place for engineers who are looking for good career in the field of engineering and for the students who wish to complete their engineering degree as these countries provide a great career position with higher salary package.

It’s a dream of many people to pursue higher studies in engineering degree from prestigious universities abroad and the main reason for this is mainly to understand the practical aspects and experience on applying the theoretical concepts in the field of engineering. Engineering degree from prestigious universities abroad will help one to improve career prospects in the field of engineering management as gain better understanding of the design of concrete structures, water engineering, construction management and contracts. After completing ones high school and after working for few years many students plan to increase their knowledge and skills in the field of engineering. Throughout ones education in engineering degree from prestigious universities abroad one will idea of all the theoretical and content based aspects of engineering. Engineering degree from prestigious universities abroad has helped many students to understand various approaches and strategies in solving human problems in most pragmatic manner. The area of study will also help in contributing the state of art infrastructure and thus improving its way towards global standing.

The reason one chose to study Engineering degree from prestigious universities abroad is because it will help to increase ones understanding and will also help to gain knowledge of various subject areas as part of HND or foundation degree which will help in improving career prospects. Engineering degree from prestigious universities abroad will help one gain a deeper understanding of various construction management, water structures, water engineering and also gives idea and understanding of various contracts. Moreover after completing Engineering degree from prestigious universities abroad one will get an insight and theoretical as well as practical knowledge to solve various multidisciplinary problems in the field of engineering as well as implementation problems. This area of study is also both theoretical and practical and would help one to gain the need expertise and theoretical knowledge on all aspects in chosen area of engineering thus helping to come out as a successful engineer.


Engineering degree from prestigious universities abroad located in the heart of the business and financial centers of the world is the best place to study engineering and many universities located in different countries are one of the largest in terms of providing various degree courses. Many universities offering engineering degree abroad has also secured various ranks according to Sunday time’s university and many universities are ranked in terms of quality education and have stood best in terms of the student surveys, teaching, student experience and graduate prospects and has also a great reputation in terms of the best performing institution which developed a strong desire in many students to be a part of different prestigious university located in various countries.

Many countries offer a great place with great historical background dating back to two millennia. Being able to study in a place with greater historical background will be a dream and proud moment for each and every student who get opportunity to study in the prestigious universities of different countries. One will also feel happy and delighted to be a part of different prestigious universities located in various countries with largest concentration of higher educational institutions and a great cosmopolitan being rich in terms of various economic, transportation and cultural centers.

Almost each and every student will be thrilled to be a part of the different universities located abroad and many will be happy to choose the University of their Choice for pursuing engineering degree. Many countries are considered as one of the great cultural and economic centers and will give one an opportunity to explore various places present there and will also help students to improve their skills which will help one fetch a high paying job back at their home town once they come back after completing their engineering degree from prestigious universities that are located abroad.



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