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study abroad consultancy study abroad consultants

1 year nursing course in UK

The course in nursing is provided for a period of 4 years and when one gets opportunity to be a nurse they will be able to get a better understanding of all the theoretical and practical aspects related to the field of will be given all round training throughout their degree in nursing with knowledge and training in various practical methods and procedures. There are quite few entrance exams that are to be taken for one to get admission in the prestigious universities that are located in different countries. The nursing course is an eight semester course that includes various subjects in different fields like human antonomy, sociology, nutrition, biochemistry, psychology, microbiology, computers etc. For a person to get into the field of nursing there is a need of an A level or advanced level of education in one of the subjects of science including biology, chemistry, physics, applied science, healthcare, psychology, sociology , social care etc. The passion to help each and every one in need makes the person take up the profession in nursing. Nursing is always a challenging field with a competitive platform which begins from the moment one apply for the field of nursing till the the time one completes their nursing degree. It is obviously a challenging field with lots of assessments piling up, competitive exams followed by tight schedules. Among other carriers present nursing is ranked as a top career in United States many because of its salary and higher job prospects. Students after completing their degree in nursing has various career opportunities in different fields like hospital administration, policy making, as well as in the field of academics and research. The profession of nurses varies in different ways such as surgical nurse, CNA, LPN, LVN, RN, homecare room nurse, emergency room nurse and delivery nurse. The courses that are best to be studied after completing one’s 12th standard include diploma in nursing, general nursing and midwifery and auxiliary nurse midwifery and overall there is a need to get minimum 50% marks in science stream in class 12 to get admission to the nursing degree.


To be a nurse will be the career goal for students who complete their 12th standard with a mind to help people in need. Many have always felt the urge in them to help the people in need and to contribute to their health and wellbeing in a positive manner. The nursing degree will help one to be equipped with all the necessary skills and experience that is required to be a professional in the field. As a fresher to the field one will need to learn a lot about the programme to be nurse by acquiring the skills of problem solving, resources as well the necessary Professional values and behaviour’s expected from being a nurse. Globalization has helped each and every person to adapt as per the changing trends. With the growth of technology there is need to have greater knowledge of various developments in the medical field as well as the knowledge of various clinical equipment’s and their working. There is also need to have a better mindset and patients to treat all those persons who suffer mentally and physically. Apart from this there is also a need to develop various theoretical and practical skills along with the clinical skills   through work based learning. Moreover there is a need to study in a prestigious university where one will be updated with all the latest skills and techniques that are required to succeed in the profession.


Nursing degree has greater career prospects in countries like Canada, New Zealand and Australia where nurses are always hotspots in these countries where studying in countries like Canada gives plenty of job opportunities for nurses along with higher paying salaries and better quality life. Moreover a Canadian degree is recognized all over the world there by promising a student who have completing their nursing career a secure career life ahead. The top courses in nursing there include Bachelor of Science in nursing, graduate certificate in enhanced nursing practices and course for internationally educated nurses.

Nursing degree from prestigious universities abroad will help one to provide both academical qualification as well as professional status the course provides for essential learning and skill development with reference to clinical placement. The universities abroad will provide various facilities for carrying out research, featuring hospital stimulation, community houses, rehabilitation, clinical skills training, sports and exercise environment and also a great team, of enthusiastic, research active staff who gives more preference to theoretical, practical, analytical, and interpersonal and research skills that are required for clinical reasoning. One will also get opportunity to attend the guest lectures by experts in various fields. This course being professionally accredited will help one in both personal and professional manner to be a successful and professional nurse with great contribution to the healthcare department.



Nursing degree from prestigious universities abroad mainly focuses on providing necessary experience in the field of community nursing as well as primary care and also helps to be equipped with skills to provide exceptional care in the field of nursing to all those people in need of quality healthcare. The universities located abroad will help to develop skills required to lead, manage and develop oneself and also others in need. I believe prestigious universities located in the heart of the business and financial centres of the world is the best place to study nursing. These universities have also stood best in terms of the student surveys, teaching, student experience and graduate prospects and has also a great reputation in terms of the best performing institution which developed a strong desire in me to be a part of this prestigious university.


Many countries have world’s greatest cities with great historical background dating back to two millennia. Being able to study in a place with greater historical background will be a dream and proud moment for each and every student who get opportunity to study in the prestigious universities of different countries. I feel happy and delighted to be a part of the prestigious universities of different countries with largest concentration of higher educational institutions and a great cosmopolitan and they are also greatest in terms of various economic, transportation and cultural canters.


Few countries being one of the great cultural centres and economic will give one  an opportunity to explore various places present there and will also help to improve one’s  skills which will help one fetch a high paying job back at their home town  once they come back after completing their degree at the prestigious universities of different countries . One will be thrilled to be a part of the university located abroad and will be happy to choose the University of their Choice for pursuing their degree in nursing.

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